Pokémon GO! #3 A typical Monday

The weekend is a great time to relax or catch up on projects. We all look forward to the weekend each week and are sad to see it go when the new work week eventually rears it’s ugly head. Everyone has their routine. My family and I are no different. Our routine revolves around getting our daughters to school.

Two of my daughters are just old enough to go to school now. On the route we take to drop off my oldest daughter to school there is a gym that wife and I take turns taking every morning (I’m team Mystic while she is team Valor). Unless there is a raid going on and the two of us are enough to take it by ourselves we will do that instead. This morning we were able to take the gym down together and wife put up her Blastoise to hold the fort down.

Just finished off the gym!
Maybe not super rare, but he’s still new!

We don’t usually have but a couple minutes before we have to drop my next oldest daughter off at her school. Luckily the school has three pokestops and a gym near by. So that’s a nice way to stock up while also being responsible. At the very least it keeps us progressing at least a little bit each day.

Unlike most mornings this morning we also stopped at the grocery store so we were also able to catch a few Pokémon along the way. I was able to catch a new Pokémon too. It was a productive morning!

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Games are such a great way to connect people of all walks of life. I hope to put out positivity and encouragement to build relationships and to build others up! I like playing games! Pretty much anything tech or video game related is right up my alley.

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