Pokémon GO! #2: A trip to the Park

Most days I only get an opportunity to play Pokémon Go, but I do my best to at least log on spin a pokestop when I drop my daughters off at school. Maybe while I’m spinning the pokestop I’ll see a Pokémon to catch. Every once in a while the family goes out to spend time together and we will get a chance to have a Pokémon GO adventure!

It’s not often my wife and I get a day off from work on the same day but today was one of those days. So we decided to have a family day. As a part of that family day we took our three girls to the park to play. My parents also met us there to play with the girls. In between watching and playing with the girls my wife and I spun some pokestops and caught some Pokémon.

The Park was a Pokestop Playground!
I caught enough Liliipups to evolve my strongest one while we were spending time together at the park
I can’t wait to be able to evolve him into Charizard!

The park we were at has four pokestops that are close to each other. At any point you can spin at least three of them at a time. So I dropped a lure module into the nearest pokestop and had a field day. Almost immediately I fought a team rocket grunt at one of the pokestops and was able to free a Charmander. I caught the Charmander and purified him. Because of the perks of a purified Pokémon I was able to evolve him into a Charmeleon.

After that I caught quite a haul of Pokémon not all of them were necessarily exciting. I caught at least 40 Pokémon today. Only one of them was new, Scyther. I also caught enough Lillipups to be able to evolve him into a Herdier. I spun so many pokestops that my inventory eventually became full.

On the way out of the park we drove past a gym with a one star raid going on. So wife and I stopped and beat it together easily. It was only a 3000CP Lillipup defending. From there the family moved on to the grocery store where we found even more Pokémon than at the park!

Wife and I getting ready for the raid!
Going to the grocery store always has a bunch of Pokemon to catch!

At one point I was holding both mine and wife’s phones in one hand and alternating between phones catching Pokémon for both of us. It was a great haul for both of us and it was a needed venture because we had so many poke balls we couldn’t carry anymore when he began. After that we had decided that we had enough Pokémon GO for the day.

All in all it was a very fun, busy and fulfilling day for both of our Pokémon GO accounts. Days like this can be a really fun adventure.

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