Pokemon Go! #9 Update

A quick update about this past weeks PokemonGo! progress… Check it out!

Pokémon GO! #5 Nostalgia and Repetition

Some Pokémon you collect just because you don’t have them. Others hold a special place in your heart. For me that is many of the original Pokémon from the Kanto region. I grew up playing with them and often I catch them even if I don’t need them because I think they will always beContinue reading “Pokémon GO! #5 Nostalgia and Repetition”

Pokémon Go! #4 Update!

A lot has happened in Pokemon Go in the last week. I haven’t been on any huge pokemon hunting trip since I mentioned it last, but I have a few updates to offer. I was able to evolve or catch a few new pokemon. Some were surprising like Ledian. I had been working on collectingContinue reading “Pokémon Go! #4 Update!”

Pokemon GO: The Beginning

I played Pokémon Red and Blue versions for the gameboy when they first released when I was a kid. I played these games over and over and collected all of the original Pokémon. So when they released Pokémon Go I was immediately addicted! The only thing that slowed me down was that at the timeContinue reading “Pokemon GO: The Beginning”