They’re Watching! Quality or Quantity?

I’ve been streaming in earnest now for a little over a month. During that time I have learned quite a bit. One of the things that I am still learning (maybe exploring is a better word?) is how to draw followers to my channel… For me it is not all about the numbers, but if I ever want this to be my full time job I will need a steady stream of viewers. So… what do I do?

My first inclination is to jump on to social media platforms and go networking crazy. There is a plethora of desperate streamers looking to be followed by as many people as possible. Typically among small streamers I see a lot of posts that go something like this… “Let’s grow together! Follow me!” followed by a plethora of hashtags with many combinations of the core words “small” “streamer” and “community”. I’m not necessarily knocking this type of networking. It is a good way to connect with other streamers when you are new, but I’ve found out the hard way that while many are looking to be followed most do not offer a follow back. So I can spend time following several streamers from a post like what I described above and get no follows back as a result. Frustrating…

A small following on Twitch so far… as of the time I compose this blog.

Part of the problem of being a new streamer is getting new followers. The method above is one solution to the problem: you have to have followers to get followers. Sad, but true that unless you have people to hear about your content you are just yelling blindly into the night hoping someone will hear. Again, don’t get me wrong here I have tried connecting with other streamers this way and probably will continue to do so. The issue I have with this kind of networking is not only how frustrating it can feel, but mostly with how shallow it feels.

Sure, I just got a new follower on Twitch and that boosts my numbers. That’s awesome! The question I find myself wondering is, will this person ever actually stop by and watch my stream? At the end of the day I don’t know the answer. Basically, is it worth having 100 followers where only a couple or none of them actually visit my channel? It doesn’t feel like it…

An example of one of the posts I described above…

The best and most meaningful followers that I have in my community are the ones where they happened upon my channel and found that they felt right at home… Right now I have a handful of loyal followers who show up to every stream. Both they and I look forward to catching up every week. These connections were made because when they had the courage to speak up in chat I engaged them in a personal and meaningful way. I was genuine and excited to see them. I made them feel like they were a part of the group all along. Isn’t that what people go on these platforms for, to connect with others? When we talk about a community do we mean an actual engaged group of people wanting to add value to each others lives or do we just mean followers?

I for one am OK with the slow process of getting to know people individually as my channel grows. I care about my followers as people and I think they feel that when they tune in to my streams. Being honest and genuine with my viewers not only makes my streams more engaging, but also makes it feel more fulfilling. It gives purpose to the stream beyond just playing games and hoping people will watch. If I hope that this will become my career one day then shouldn’t I want more than just a pay check? I could get that anywhere…

A final disclaimer I did not write this to attack anyone, especially those who prefer the networking style I talked about above. I simply wanted to explore what I think successful viewership looks like for my channel. I think if I had to pick that I would pick a slower growing group of engaged and fulfilled viewers. I don’t want to offer cheap entertainment and gimmicks to draw people in. I want to be myself and grow with others along the way.

What do you think? What is your plan to draw people in? Why do you stream? Let’s talk about it!

My Journey to Stream

Do you hate your job? Do you dread going into work everyday? For many the answer to these questions are a resounding yes… I can’t say that I hate my job, but if I had the opportunity to do my dream job I would take it! As would anyone I believe. What is my dream job? Video games! I have been playing games for as long as I could remember. It is the one thing I could see myself doing as a job that I would have non-stop fun at the same time. It isn’t just playing video games that I enjoy (although it is my typical stress reliever and general hobby). Sharing the gaming experience with others is especially rewarding. I have always wished there was a way to combine my desire to share a gaming experience with others and to get paid for it along the way. The answer has been revealed in recent history… Streaming!

Sharing the stories from games with others is one of the best parts of gaming.

Now if you are like me your first response to the prospect of being a streamer by profession is one of disbelief. You probably think all kinds of negative thoughts like, “That’ll never happen”, Who would watch me”, “I would never make enough money” and the like. This was me for a long time. Someone very close to me eventually inspired me to have the courage to acknowledge my dream. Which was the first step on my journey.

I have the most amazing, beautiful, strong and smart wife in the entire world. I can make such a bold statement because I know it in my heart of hearts to be nothing but the truth. In the journey of our marriage my wife came to me and expressed an interest in body piercing because a friend offered to have her as an apprentice. I had just started a job that could cover the majority of bills and expenses so I thought what is the harm in her trying it out? While it didn’t make much money at first that didn’t matter because my wife had fallen in love with body piercing… She found her dream job.

After seeing her so happy at her career was the first time that I really allowed myself to consider the possibility of pursuing my own dreams

I admired her for having the courage to tell me that this was her dream job. Regardless of pay this was the job she wanted to do. It didn’t matter the pay she loved it! I was amazed and so proud of her. I was also happy my job gave her the opportunity to pursue her dream. I thought, “At least one of us can have our dream job.” And I would do anything to let her continue to pursue her career in body piercing.

After seeing her so happy at her career was the first time that I really allowed myself to consider the possibility of pursuing my own dreams. One night while we were enjoying some chicken wings for our weekly date night I told her how I didn’t want to do my current job forever. If I had the chance I would be a streamer… I held my breath expecting her to turn and throw her head back in hysterical laughter. She didn’t laugh. She gently smiled and said, “Then you should be a streamer.” This was the moment that my journey began.

Some time passed before I allowed myself to really own the dream. I had the support of my amazing wife, but I was afraid of all the possible outcomes. So I did a few half-hearted streams, but wasn’t really committing fully to the dream. After I talked to my sister about it she gave me and extra push. She has always been my biggest hype (wo)man. She gave me advice and every step of the way was excited for me. It is hard not to feel like I can do anything when she is on my side of the ring. Around this same time I had also begun to see a counselor to deal with some darkness in my life that I had never addressed. Though that experience I have gained the self-worth and positivity that I needed to fully commit to the dream.

My first regular stream is following the story of Red Dead Redemption 2

From the time I am writing this, it was about a month ago that I have begun to stream on a regular basis. Once I started to stream in earnest I wasn’t afraid anymore. In fact, I am excited to stream. I love it! I can’t wait for each week that I can do it again.

Now I don’t have the luxury to just up and quit my job anytime soon. That’s ok. The bills still need to be paid after all. One day I plan to get to the point that streaming will be my full time job. Until then I plan to stay positive and enjoy the ride. This is just the beginning of the journey. It will be an interesting journey, but I am excited for every step.

Stay tuned on this blog thread as I update you on my journey to become a full time streamer. Please feel free to stop by and watch me do my thing on my twitch channel! Who knows what else the future has in store!

Pokemon Go! #9 Update

The last month has been a very busy one, but this last week has been a pretty quiet one. Even in the Pokemon Go! world I haven’t been able to get out to do too much. Just because it wasn’t a super exciting week doesn’t mean that their isn’t things to share with you!

Because we didn’t get a chance to go out for a Pokemon adventure this week I also didn’t get a chance to catch much of anything new. I was able to catch repeats of Pokemon I already had and as a result I was able to evolve several Pokemon. Of these evolutions the most notable was an Ice Ninetales. I hatched a ice Vulpix and just so happened to already have enough candy to evolve her into a Ninetales. That was a nice surprise! You can see all of the evolutions from the last week below.

The Halloween event that has been offering double candy has been great! It has giving me the opportunity to evolve some Pokemon that I didn’t think I would ever get enough candies to evolve. It has also allowed me to make progress toward some of the Pokemon that require 400 candies, like Magikarp… Even still Magikarp is a distant dream as I still only have just under 200 candies for him.

We did have a little bit of time after church this last weekend where we had a little bit of time before a birthday party we were invited to. We spent this time driving around town and visiting gyms. Most of the gyms were Team Valor gyms so my wife was able to put a handful of Pokemon in gyms around town. I was able to put a couple in gyms for myself too. The most excited part of this trip was as we came across a gym we found a Halloween Squirtle was a raid. Wife and I teamed up to take him down. After a bit of a struggle we were both able to catch him!

All in all it was a quiet week, but I was still able to make some progress toward a few evolutions and make it to a few gyms around town. We hope to make a Pokemon Go! adventure soon, but it is going to be increasingly more difficult with the cold weather starting to set in! Sounds like some warm clothes and a warm cup of hot chocolate will be in order!

Total War: Three Kingdoms Sun Jian Campaign #2

When I play strategy games I tend to dwell and over analyze so these kinds of game usually take me some time to make any meaningful progress. It is not that I’m not good at strategy games it is more that I obsess because for strategy games feel like they are real life to me. As a result, I want to make the right decisions and I spend too much time dwelling on every little decision. I say all of this because my goal in this game is to keep from dwelling too long and try to progress more quickly…

In our last campaign post I had a struggle with Liu Biao and now that I was able to gain peace it is time to turn my attention toward the Han territories that surround my land. Sun Jian’s army began this post in Badong (Lumber Yard). From here I marched him toward Changsha (Trade Port). The reason for this is because I plan on making this campaign a heavily military focused one. In order to do that I need armies to command and to have armies you need money!

It is several turns march from Badong to Changsha, but that is beneficial because the army needed some time to replenish its numbers. As I approach the army occupying that territory abandons it… After that it is just a quick delegation victory. Then I decide to attack the fleeing army. I chose to lead this battle myself. The battle doesn’t last long they have a small force and most of their troops are destroyed by my archers before they even reach my lines.

Now that I have a trade port I look for a new trade partner. None of the warlords around me are viable trade partner options. I finally find a trade partner in Cao Cao. I don’t really want to give one of my biggest rivals more cash, but as I said I need money if I am going to raise more armies.

From there I set my sights farther east to Poyang (Iron Mine). Again the cash I will get from the industry at the iron mine will be helpful. After a couple turns march I arrive and a siege battle ensues. I lead this battle personally. Normally I’m not very good at siege battles (maybe I should invest in some trebuchets…), but this battle goes fairly well. They don’t have any ranged units so I use my fire arrows to destroy any towers in range of my approaching army. Once the towers are destroyed the enemy army abandons their fortifications and attacks my army. They are filing out of the “gates” in a bottleneck and I surround their forces. After that it is only a matter of time before they retreat and the battle is mine.

If you watch the video of my gameplay you will see that my income doesn’t seem to grow very much. That is because as my income is growing I’m also building another army that will be led by Sun Jian’s heir Sun Ce. This army is based at the center of my land at Jiangxia (City) so that I can send it whatever way I finally decide to conquer next. I also base it at the center so that I can respond to an invasion if someone foolishly decides they want to start a war!

I’m finding that I am really enjoying playing without over thinking my decisions. It is allowing me not to worry so much about making a bad decision. Even if I make a “mistake” I have to know that I’ll be able to fix it without it being the end of the world!

You can watch the entire gameplay video above or on YouTube at Also, If you don’t already follow me on Twitch you should seriously consider it! I Live stream all of my Total War: Three Kingdoms gameplay. So, you have the opportunity to help me lead my armies to victory if you tune in when I’m playing! I look forward to seeing you all online.

Borderlands 3 Squad Play #2 Destroying with Vile

Having a full time job and a family makes playing games a challenge. Some days an opportunity to play shines through the clouds like a golden sun ray. Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with BloodManVile and play some Borderlands 3. I don’t often get the weekend off, but this week I had such a chance and Vile just so happened to be available.

We resumed my campaign. I was working on the main quest. We began by working toward collecting Bio-material to make fuel for our ship. And then we went to find navigation chips to help us find our way in the cold void of space. Just as we were about to find our way onto the ship with our vault relic the Calypso twins showed up to steal the relic and to steal Lilith’s powers! I pointed out some plot holes, but apparently the story demanded the cut scene and so we continued. After the cut scene we fought our way to save Lilith… kind of… and found lots of colorful loot!

We boarded the ship and made our way haphazardly to Promethea. This was all with or without Claptrap’s help… That all depends on if you think his butt plugging a hole in the hull of the ship to be helpful granted that he also caused the hull breach to begin with! We finally are able to warp to Promethea and discover that the planet is being blockaded by a corporation in league with the Calypso twins, Maliwan… When we get to the surface we run into a woman named Lorelei who explains that she works for Atlas (another corporation) and they need help against Maliwan. So, we agree to help.

From there we follow Lorelei and find our way to Lorelei’s boss Rhys in the Meridian Metroplex. We battle our way through town and clear out a control room where we find a holographic rendering of Rhys ready to offer our next mission. After finally catching up with Rhys we decided to call it a day after going through and selling our loot. It was a fun and destructive day in Borderlands: 3.

Below you will see the link to the full gameplay video. If you have the time you can watch our adventure take place from my vantage point. BloodManVile and I have a lot of fun! I will leave you with this disclaimer the game is rated “M” for mature. That means that the game contains violence, gore and off color humor/language at times. Just a heads up, but I hope you enjoy watching if you choose to do so!

Pokémon Go! #8 Visiting Family in Illinois

The last couple updates centered on visits to beach towns in Michigan. Normally we don’t travel so much but it has been a busy month! This week we stayed at my sisters in Illinois. We celebrated three people’s birthdays (including our daughter turning two). It just also so happened to be the beginning of the Halloween Pokémon go event. That means ghost Pokémon galore!

Through out this week I was actually able to complete a few accomplishments and I even evolved a Ghastly into a Haunter! That is excited for me because the original three ghost Pokémon are among my very favorite! Gengar was often a staple of any party when I played the original Red Version… This week wife and I also beat a raid and were each able to catch a Machamp! I even found a shiney Swablu.

From where we live our trip to my sisters house is about a three hour drive. Before we left we stopped to get breakfast for everyone and there just so happened to be a gym nearby. We stopped to get the spin and to let wife beat the gym.

We finally got on the road and we caught a couple Pokémon here and there whenever we had to stop along the way. After we finally arrived I had to run a couple errands for the party and this is where I caught quite a few ghost type Pokémon. I took full advantage of the double candies during the Halloween event by using Pinap berries to bring in 12 candies for each Pokémon I caught! A couple of the ghost Pokémon were ready to evolve before long thanks to the extra candies.

After the birthday celebration had died down we relaxed for a short time and then finally turned in for the night. Sleep did not come easily because I was sleeping on a sleeping bag on the floor. Around 3am I woke up and decided to check the game… I found a Pikachu dressed up in his Halloween costume and was able to catch him. I was finally able to go back to bed. When we all finally awoke we packed up and said goodbye to my sister and her family. Wife doned her Pokemon socks and from here we went to visit my younger sister for breakfast. After that an adventure to a pumpkin farm.

There were not any Pokestops at the farm or near by so I didn’t get a chance to catch much as my Pokeball supply was already pretty low… We did have a good time taking photos, picking pumpkins and enjoying each others company. The girls were amazed at how big the pumpkins were compared to themselves. Before we called it a day we stopped by the bakery that was at the farm and enjoyed some apple donuts and coffee. The girls appreciated the sweets and as they started to get sassy it was obvious that it was time to go. The girls had enough and needed to rest.

We said goodbye to my sister and my mum (she had also come along for the journey) and set off for home! We were all exhausted, but thanks to an energy drink I was able to power through the majority of our drive home. Everyone woke up around Mishawaka, IN and we decided it would be a good time to get out and stretch our legs. Mishawaka is the home of the University Park Mall. This is were my wife and I had met for our first date and we were surprised at how much the mall had changed since we met here many years ago. We didn’t buy much, but we did have fun exploring.

There weren’t many Pokestops, but there were enough to catch some more ghost type Pokemon. I found a ghastly hanging out by his Pokemon cousins at the Build-A-Bear store. It was thanks to this Ghastly that I was able to evolve my Haunter to a Gengar in such a short time! The double candy really has been advancing my progress with a few Pokemon very quickly. After a little while of exploring we decided it was time to get back on the road. We all packed up and set out for the last leg of our trip. My middle daughter was doing the stereotypical “Are we there yet?” line the rest of the way home. We finally made it home safe and did our best to settle in after a busy weekend.

It would have been nice to go on a more dedicated PokemonGO! adventure, but it was great to be able to spend time with family. I’m not sure we will have any trips like we have the last few weeks any time soon. That won’t stop us from having PokemonGo! adventures around town when we can!

Pokémon Go! #7 Weekend Trip to Montague, MI

Our family doesn’t often get an opportunity to go on family trips, but this month seems like it is going to be a busy month for trips… Last week we visited South Haven, MI. This week we were invited to spend the weekend in Montague, MI. Montague is a beach town like South Haven, but it is set back from Lake Michigan off of White Lake. It still has a small town feel, which makes it more inviting and less inundated by tourists.

During our visit we were able to enjoy the towns annual Pumpkin Festival. Along the way we also hit up some Pokéstops and gyms. The weather had turned very cold and windy even for an October day. Our daughters all entered a pumpkin into the “pumpkin roll” and browsed a few shops along “downtown” Montague. This didn’t last long before it was just too cold for our daughters. Unfortunately, I wasn’t available during this time so I don’t have Pokémon Go news to report yet.

Everyone came back to the house, but before long the girls became restless again. So, we made a trip to a local park. Luckily, there was a pokestop near by. The girls got to play and we were able to catch a few Pokémon while the girls had fun. It was here that I caught a Trapinch. I caught two more but I was not able to secure a shiny Trapinch during Trapinch Community Day…

Before long the cold wore us down again and we decided it would be a good idea to explore and find a bite to eat. We ate and then drove around seeing the sights. We went down the main street and we saw some shops and we also saw The World’s Largest Weather Vain. Before we settled in for the night we also took the girls to explore a local Walmart so they could stretch their legs without freezing! It was here that I caught a shiny Torchic!

The next morning before leaving town we tried to drop off a few Pokemon at some gyms and spin a few last minute Pokestops. Below I will list all of the Pokemon I caught. On the way home we stopped at Grand Rapids, MI. Here we got some food and we went through the mall. We browsed some shops and let the girls run around a little bit to break up the long drive home. There were a group of Pokestops at the center of the mall we spun at and caught a few Pokemon. After that we made our way the rest of the way home.

The weather played a big role in the content of this trip. While the cold held us back we didn’t let that stop us from having fun! Tune in every week for a Pokemon Go! update. If instead we go on a trip I will include a trip report!

Total War: Three Kingdoms Sun Jian Campaign #1

Ever since I first had a computer that could play games the Total War series has been a staple in my PC gaming collection. With only a few exceptions I have made a point to collect every Total War game as it was released since Medieval: Total War. Among the list of games that I am playing right now includes Total War: Three Kingdoms. If you haven’t heard of it Three Kingdoms is a strategy game based in Medieval China during the period known as the Three Kingdom period.

The romance of the Three Kingdoms as it is also known is a period of Chinese history where several warlords fought for the right to become Emperor of China after the fall of the Han dynasty. This story as it is told has many colorful characters with even more colorful turns of fate. Total War: Three Kingdoms affords the opportunity to take control of one of the nations of the warlords as you vie for control of China.

The game is comprised of two types of play. The first is set on a campaign map where you can see territories held by your warlord and other warlords. In this type of play you raise armies, develop your settlements, attack other warlords and their assets, and engage in diplomacy with other warlords. The second mode of play is that of commanding individual armies on the battlefield. When you order an army to attack an enemy asset you have the option to let the computer auto-resolve the outcome of the conflict or to take command of the battle yourself.

I recently started a campaign using the warlord by the name of Sun Jian. He is a rough customer whose faction gains bonuses based on the outcome of battles and sieges. As long as you are able to maintain a steady flow of successful battles it is easy to rack up helpful bonuses that affect your nation. Sun Jian begins his campaign with one province and you are tasked immediately with taking another. This is not difficult to do.

Only a few turns into this campaign you run into a plot line from the Three Kingdoms story. Your warlord Sun Jian is in possession of the Imperial Jade Seal. A neighboring warlord by the name of Liu Biao sends a messenger instructing you to relinquish the prized item. When he does you are given a choice to avoid war with Liu Biao and his vassals by surrendering the seal or you can keep the seal and go to war. I chose to follow the story and keep the seal. Which immediately put me at war with Liu Biao and his vassals.

Knowing that Liu Biao would soon arrive with a substantial army I knew that I had to act quickly so I immediately took my army lead by Sun Jian and invaded one of Liu Biao’s vassals Cai Mao. Cai Mao does not have a very strong army and only one settlement so eliminating him is not difficult. As my army destroy Cai Mao and I make my way further north to attempt to capture land from Liu Biao’s second vassal Huang Zu, Liu Biao’s army appears to lay siege to one of my valuable cities. So I have a tough decision do I continue to attack Huang Zu or turn to try to retake my city…

In the upper right you see Huang Zu’s army on the run. In the left side of the screen you see in the darkness the town that Liu Biao captured from me.

I ultimately chose to continue my attack and then return to face Liu Biao by himself. This was a gamble because if he continued his assault from the rear I would continue to lose more land, but he decided not to continue his assault which gave me the upper hand! Once I finished conquering Huang Zu I made my way back to retake the lost town and to dispatch Liu Biao from my lands. After several turns I finally made it back and I laid siege to the town…

I decided against an immediate assault and instead opted to let them take attrition damage while they were trapped inside the towns walls. On Liu Biao’s next turn he and his army decided to face me head on by leaving the walls of the town. Ultimately, this is what I wanted to happen. Liu Biao and I had a evenly matched number and types of soldiers. To attack his fortified position would have been suicide! Rather than just tell you, see how the battle goes below!

We gain victory because of a couple things first is that I took a position on top of a very steep hill. So the enemy had to climb the hill and become exhausted before they even get into combat. The second thing is that my archers caused a lot of damage as Liu Biao’s forces closed in allowing me to outmaneuver them because they were in disarray. After that Liu Biao had lost the taste for war and offered peace. He even agreed to give me another territory besides the town that I recaptured just to be sure that I would accept the peace. I agreed for now because I have a greater interest in capturing the lands to my south controlled by the fallen Han faction.

I will continue to post about my conquest of China. I’m certain that much more grand battles will be in store as the campaign continues… Also, when I have been playing I have been Live streaming on Twitch. So follow me on Twitch if you want to watch! I’m open to suggestion when dilemmas arise!

Pokemon Go! #6 An Adventure to South Haven

As you may have read in my other Pokemon GO! posts I usually get an opportunity to catch a Pokemon and spin a Pokestop daily. This daily activity doesn’t cause any huge changes in my collection all at once, but the daily grind moves me ever closer to my collection goals… This last weekend my family and I had the opportunity to go on a day trip to South Haven, MI. If you don’t know South Haven is a lake shore town off of Lake Michigan. It has many fun local shops and a great beach for enjoying the water.

We had only just decided the day before that we would go on this trip. It just so happened that neither I or my wife had to work this day. We haven’t had a chance to go out for a family day in a while. Many of our family activities include delicious food. We love food and are particular about where our favorite dishes come from. This trip was no different. We began at a restaurant by the name of Clemintine’s. This inviting restaurant does Americana justice. We usually enjoy several fried dishes when we visit here.

While we were enjoying our meal it just so happens that the building that Clementine’s resides is a Pokestop (with another Pokestop within range). So, while we waited for our food I spun the Pokestop and caught Pokemon. It was here that I caught my first new Pokemon of the day, Solrock. I also fought a Team Rocket Grunt and liberated a Cubone. I caught duplicates of other Pokemon while we were here also. While we were at the restaurant we also surveyed the area and found many Pokestops and Gyms in the area.

After we enjoyed our food thoroughly we decided we would make our way down the main street toward the beach. The road to the beach winded down hill. Following along side the road is a channel. Normally people would line the side of this channel and enjoy the water and boats, but this day the water was so uneasy that it was actually spilling over the channel as waves came through. As we walked down the street we could see a lighthouse in the distance. Normally the light house would be accessible, but the water was so high that we didn’t try to reach it.

The road to the beach had several gyms. At the time we were more focused on getting to the beach that battling the gyms, but I was able to battle and take one gym. I caught enough Cyndaquil to evolve it into a Quilava. I was also able to catch enough Tortwig to finally evolve my Grotle to a Torterra! I was very excited at this.

We finally arrived at the beach. There were not too many people at the beach because it was kind of a cool day. It was not a good day for swimming, but there was a playground. This was perfect for us because my three daughters are all under five years old. They enjoyed getting to play in the sand and on the playground. I caught a few more Pokemon here. It is here that I was able to catch Zebstrika and Clamperl. My third and fourth new Pokemon of the day. After playing on the playground for a while we made our way toward the water.

Even though the water was way too cold to swim in the girls all had a great time splashing in the waves as they came in. My wife and I were careful to watch the girls near the water so I didn’t play Pokemon go while we were on the shoreline. It didn’t take long for the girls to get soaked. With it being as cold as it was we decided that it was time to head back to town to find something dry for the girls to wear.

We stopped at a little beach shop and then we went to a Ice Cream shop to get some sweets. There was a pokestop near by so I spun that and caught a few Pokemon while we enjoyed our ice cream treats! When we were done with our ice cream we walked around town a little more. Before we decided to call it a day I was able to capture a gym. Unfortunately for my wife her phone drained battery early on so she wasn’t able to accomplish as much as me. I made sure that we stopped at a couple gyms on the way out of town for her to capture or drop Pokemon off at so she could earn some coins.

We stopped at a church a little ways out of town that was a yellow gym. I helped wife to capture it. After our first round of battling we revived/healed some Pokemon before getting back at it. A rival yellow gym member had pulled up to heal all the defending Pokemon before finally driving off… I didn’t realize that you could heal a defending gym if it was under attack? After that we made the drive home. When we arrived home I saw I had collected enough Rhyhorn candies to evolve it into a Rhydon! (Below you will see a list of all of the Pokemon I caught that day)

It was a fun but tiring day! Everyone agreed that we would love to do that again sometime soon… The girls were disappointed to leave, but they all passed out withing moments of setting out on the drive home (Haha). Altogether, it was a lot of family fun coupled with a PokemonGO! adventure!

Pokémon GO! #5 Nostalgia and Repetition

Some Pokémon you collect just because you don’t have them. Others hold a special place in your heart. For me that is many of the original Pokémon from the Kanto region. I grew up playing with them and often I catch them even if I don’t need them because I think they will always be the best!

For me one of these is Venusaur. Back when I first got Red Version for the Gameboy I chose Bulbasaur as my very first Pokémon. He was durable and could be used in a variety of situations. Also, I thought he looked cool. When I decided to play through the game a second time I still chose Bulbasaur! I just thought he was the best…

While I am excited that I got Venusaur I’m also glad I caught/evolved some other Pokémon too. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see a Pokémon I haven’t caught yet.

I’ve also been on top of making sure that I get my daily research stamp. Getting enough gives you access to a prize box and a shot at a rare Pokémon. The last three special encounters have unfortunately been the same Pokémon each time. That Pokémon is the floral Eevee. While I am glad I caught one I am disappointed to not have a shot at other rare Pokémon… I’ll obviously keep plugging away, but in the mean time if anyone wants to trade for one of my three floral eevee’ I would be interested!