PUBG Ed. 8

Some games you get right away. While other games take time to get accustomed to. PUBG seems to be a game that has elements of both for me. While I have a decent strategy about setting myself up for the long game I struggle with the aiming in the game.

The hip fire has two different firing methods. The first is a completely unaided method which provides no accuracy. Even with a shotgun you would have trouble hitting your target up close. The second provides a little bit of accuracy if you fire in single or burst mode. You have to be pretty close for it to be affective in full auto.

If you aren’t hip firing then you can aim down the sights. This is the most accurate mode of firing. It reduces your mobility greatly, but that is true of firing a weapon in real life. I’m struggling with finding the proper time to use hip or sight aim and getting enough practice to be proficient at either when under pressure.

Encounters with other players can be scarce some matches which does not give me much opportunity to practice fire fights. As it stands it will take time to get accustomed to the fighting aspect of the game, which is a very important element needed to win.

So in the video you can watch me struggle to stay alive in several matches. I wasn’t able to make top 10 in any of them, but I’m determined to do well even if I don’t win.

PUBG Ed. 7

Normally I’m not a big fan of solo pvp games. They lack the social experience I typically want when playing games online. Lately, while playing PUBG solo I have found I’m starting to become quite fond of it. There is a lot of risk in a game where there are 99 other players and there can be only one winner. I’m learning that is part of the excitement. All the risk makes a victory that much more exciting.

In this couple of rounds my first match started slow but I eventually ended up getting a kill later in the game. I ended up getting in top 15. I’m setting the goal for myself to be in top 10 every game. That helps me keep from getting disappointed if I don’t get my chicken dinner…

The game ended abruptly when an enemy I was shooting from behind was able to instantly turn all the way around and kill me while I was shooting them. Seemed too quick to be fair. Can you change look sensitivity up that high in this game? Or were they cheating? You be the judge and let me know what you think.

In the second game I dropped close to two other players and ended up getting a head shot with iron sights. After a little bit of looting I made my way sneaky-like until I found a spot near the center of the map along a fence line. I was lucky because this spot ended up being inside the circle until the last couple circle size changes.

This game was a testament to my patience and (typically) my level headedness. Even while there were enemies closing in all around I didn’t give away my spot. I ended up getting top three. I tried prone shooting an enemy who was coming around my cover but they must have done too much damage before I could get them. Too bad, but excited to make it to top 3!

Pokémon Go! #2

Raids are a great way to get an opportunity to catch some really powerful Pokémon. Up until this point I haven’t had an opportunity to participate in a raid I actually had a chance to defeat. Well this morning my moment finally came.

I stumbled upon a one star raid that I was able to tackle on my own. I had a whole team but all I needed was my Jolteon. He took care of the Lillipup without much trouble.

Now I’m aware this is not some great achievement, but it was my first completed raid. Normally I run into 5 star raids by myself. And I have no hope of finishing a raid that high of a level by myself…

PUBG Ed. 6

After my last rather embarrassing installment of PUBG solo I found this go around to be a calm experience. I didn’t get my chicken dinner but I was still satisfied that I did the best I could.

In the first game I didn’t get any kills but I survived to the final 20. At one point enemies were so close to where I was hiding that I could hear them running around in the room next door. It seems whenever I play a map with Rivers I’m trying to cross to the opposite site that I’m on… no matter which side I seem to start on.

In the second game I got only one kill, but that was before two near death encounters. The second I ended up killing my attacker. While I made a dash for the final circle a sniper hit me when jumping out of cover to make my dash for the finish. I made it to the top 5 and I was satisfied with how I did.

Games aren’t always about winning but about learning from your mistakes, learning the map and honing the unique mechanics of each game. Studying these things while you play and considering them after a game you become a better player. And sometimes no matter how good of a player you are you just get unlucky.

PUBG Ed. 5

We all have rough days at gaming and the two games I played in the Fifth Episode of PUBG solo really tried and broke my patience…

My first game ended quickly because of an issue with my understanding of how prone position and aiming works. That’s annoying but I quickly start a new game…

The prone position in this game when playing third person is frustrating. If you move even a little bit while trying to aim your gun won’t fire. This is different from other games where when you aim while prone your character won’t move. I’m used to the latter so when trying to position for a shot it takes extra time to line up your shot.

Those few seconds cost me the game… I saw a player come up behind me by the time I switched from my sniper to my UMP 45 and tried aiming he had killed me… This set me into a fit and I rage quit… Especially frustrating when I was doing so well to that point. Ended at #11 but it felt shallow because I thought I should have done better…

Time to take a break from PUBG for today. I need to cool off!

Borderlands 3: First Mayhem

Some of us are all about purchasing the newest games right when they come out. Typically that is not me. I lack the resources in time and money for that to be a regular occurrence. Having said that there are times when some of my favorite franchises release games that I must simply have the newest version as soon as it is released. One such franchise is the Borderlands series.

For those of you who somehow do not know what it is or if you have never played Borderlands is a FPS set in a apocalyptic future. The monsters and bad guys are just as colorful as the weapons. That dark humor that is at the core of every part of this game creates a silly/serious paradox that makes the game special.

This last week I picked up Borderlands 3 and had my first go at it. I streamed this initial adventure which you can find below. My friend BloodManVile had already had the chance to play before I was able to get online, but he created a new character to join me in my initial adventure.

After getting to meet up with ClapTrap, Lilith and Vaughn we were joined by FaraamWanderer and eventually his friend. We all teamed up for a while before real life called me away. Unfortunately, due to connectivity and other technical issues I wasn’t able to load the second half where we had a full team. If I have the chance I’ll amend this post with the other video.

Either way, It was a good start to the game and I really enjoy the new and old mechanics. It’s a good game so far and I can’t wait to play some more…


Not long ago I purchased PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds) for PS4. I’ve heard about it from a YouTube channel I like and from a friend. I finally decided that I would give it a try. For those of you who have not heard of it PUBG is a open battlefield concept where you are dropped into a map my plane. Once you land you have to find weapons and gear. The goal is to be the last player/team standing. All the while the play zone continually shrinks to limit the game further. If you stay outside of the play zone for too long… you die.

Below you will find the video… A disclaimer before you view, I’m not very good, Haha! The console controls are clunky at first so please bare with me. I also find that I am more of an opportunist when I play games like this… Some call it being a Sneaky Snake… I prefer to call it being Sneakywise…

My first recorded Player Unknown Battle Grounds YouTube Video.

I have my Mic on, but I’m still a bit timid talking to myself. I try to steam on occasion so you should tune in!

Pokemon GO: The Beginning

I played Pokémon Red and Blue versions for the gameboy when they first released when I was a kid. I played these games over and over and collected all of the original Pokémon. So when they released Pokémon Go I was immediately addicted! The only thing that slowed me down was that at the time our mobile data plan was meager. So going out to catch Pokémon once or twice in a month was enough to rack up extra data charges. So unfortunately, I had to uninstall the game because the temptation was too great.

BloodManChar ready to adventure!
Charmander was one of my first Pokemon when the game was just released.

Luckily our data plan changed and I’ve been able to play again, but they added hundreds of new Pokémon since then! Even though I feel behind I still have a lot of fun playing. It’s something my wife and I do together (Our most recent anniversary we spent at a river walk and there was plenty of Pokestops, Gyms and Pokemon). It’s also perfect when we go out as a family to catch a Pokestop or two. The game is great fun to play because it takes you on adventures that you can share with others. There is nothing like making a new friend when accidentally running into another Pokemon GOer at the same Pokestop as you!

I don’t have a lot of experience battling other players, but I definitely hit a Gym or low level raid when I can. I need more friends that play to hit any of the higher level Raids. I play on Blue Team Mystic.

My buddy right now is Dragonair. I’m hoping to continue to collect candies from him until I can evolve him into a Dragonite. Dragonite has always been one of my favorite Pokemon. I also have other “project” Pokemon I’m working toward evolving. Stay tuned for more on that!

If you play Pokemon GO and would like to be friends (I’m a very liberal gift giver). I’m always looking for active players to be friends with. Stay tuned for more on my Pokemon Go adventures!!

What I’m Playing

We all have a handful of games that we are desperately trying to make time for. For each of us that list of games varies even among a close group of friends. This post will be about what I’m playing right now…


The console I primarily play is PS4. Given all of the time constraints that I feel with work and family responsibilities I don’t have a lot of time for single player games. Typically I play whatever my friends are playing, but occasionally I have the opportunity to play something for myself. I’ve just gotten into PUBG. PUBG is convenient because I can play a game by myself or with a group of friends depending on the circumstances. Otherwise, I am primarily working through FFXV…

Link to PUBG video

This is a video of my first Solo Win!

When I’m online with my friends there are a few games we are currently rotating between. We like to play Overwatch, The Last of Us, Dead by Daylight and Fallout 76. Borderlands 3 is coming out soon so I’m sure we’ll be on that for a while too…


When mobile games first came out on smart phones they weren’t much to pay attention to, but now some mobile games are just as popular as console or PC games. I have had my share of wasted time downloading stupid mobile games. There are also some games I will always remember fondly. Some of the games I’m playing right now are: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Pokemon Go and PUBG Mobile.

I’ve been playing STGOH for a couple years now.

Again, many of these games I play for the social experience. Playing and growing in games like these is just so much more fun!


For all of the gaming I do otherwise PC gaming will always have a special place in my heart. While I have played PC games with friends, primarily it has always been the platform upon which most of my solo gaming is done… Some of my most favorite games I played on the PC. Having said all of that my rig is outdated and finding time for solo gaming isn’t usually the priority, but it does still happen. Right now I’m only actively working on a single game and that is Total War: Three Kingdoms.

A screenshot from my Lui Bei Campaign. Here is the man himself…

What games we play is very fluid and I will go into further detail about the games I play regularly in separate posts. Keep an eye out for those! What games are you playing right now?

I Am BloodManChar

Lets Play Some Games…


I am BloodManChar. Most of my Friends and I share the “BloodMan” Tag and any game we play where we are members of a Guild/Clan we are The BloodMen. That is just how it has always been for as long as I can remember.

Let me share a little about myself and what I hope to accomplish with this Site…

I Love playing video games. I’ve been playing video games since I was old enough to pick up a controller. It wasn’t long before my older sisters were asking me to help them finish levels in Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. NES is the earliest system I remember playing on consistently. After that we bought SNES and Sega Genesis. Then we got Nintendo 64 (remember the Golden Eye days?). I also ended up getting a Playstation and then a Playstation 2. I never did get a Dreamcast, but I believe is was before its time…

I played Playstation 2 for what seemed to be an eternity. It’s definitely the system for which I have the most games (besides the PC). Once PS2 was reaching the end of its life I had a tough decision to make with my friends Xbox 360 or Playstation 3? We ultimately decided on the 360. Along the way I also had a PS3, but I barely played it.

Xbox 360 was a golden age of multiplayer gaming for me and my friends. We logged so many hours online and in person together during the life of the 360… COD, Borderlands, Minecraft for Xbox, these are a few of the games we played for hours and hours. But like all systems eventually a new one is released and at the most recent system release my friends and I agreed to switch back to Sony with PS4.

PS4 is what I play most often right now.

Now that is just the history of my console gaming. All throughout this I logged so many hours on my PC. Now thanks to Steam I can actually give a quantifiable amount, but I’ll spare you the remarkably high number of hours I’ve spent in games on the PC. Games have always been a part of my life. I can’t imagine a life without them.

Video Games offer escape and adventure that would be impossible in normal life. It provides an outlet for your imagination that other mediums simply cannot offer. They are literally your imagination come to life!

I offered this brief history of my gaming past to give you a sense of my background. I prefer shooters, RPGs, MMORPGs, strategy, adventure, and platform games (and their descendants). Some of my favorite games are: The Fallout series, The Elder scrolls games, Final Fantasy games, Borderlands 2, Heroes of Might and Magic, the Total War games, Dominions, Warband 2.

Fall Out 3 was the first in the series for me. It blew my mind and I replayed it so many times, including the DLC

I made this site to share my Gaming journey current, past and future. I will give my opinion on gaming, systems, techniques and technology. I will also offer pictures and videos of my adventures/matches. On occasion I also stream Live so be on the look out for that too! If I gain enough of a following on YouTube and Twitch I’d definitely schedule regular streaming sessions.

I hope you enjoy following along my journey as I will enjoy sharing it! Let’s play some games! #gaming #videogames #adventure #streaming #PS4 #PC