PUBG Mobile #3 Could it all be Over?!

My last two posts I was excited to find that I had been doing well at PUBG Mobile! Three victories in a row is no small feat. I’m enjoying that somehow the mobile version of the game is coming more natural to me than the console version… I’m not saying I’m a pro but I seem to perform better than on the console.

As I promised I found a way to record my mobile games and I’ve decided to share my most recent match with you! I started out strong with two different types of assault rifles. I have found diversifying ammunition leads to better longevity. I even found a scope pretty early on.

I got a couple kills where I landed. Then I made my way toward the center of the circle. I found a good spot to post up and waited. A couple other players walked up on where I was but I got the drop on them. As the circle closed in I decided to reposition. On my way to find a better spot I had a run in with a couple more players…

I tried to position myself away from a sharpshooter and another player got me in the back… Crushed… I made it to the top 6… so close… Still, I had fun and I got to try out my new wireless Alienware headset (feels like a gentle cloud whispering into your ears)!

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m still getting used to the controls. Especially the look button… I think I need to reposition some of them to fit my preference and streamline my play. I’ll definitely be playing again, so keep a look out!

Pokémon Go! #4 Update!

A lot has happened in Pokemon Go in the last week. I haven’t been on any huge pokemon hunting trip since I mentioned it last, but I have a few updates to offer.

I was able to evolve or catch a few new pokemon. Some were surprising like Ledian. I had been working on collecting enough candies to evolve them and then I happened to find one while dropping my daughter off at school. Stoutland and Watchog were a couple of the newer Pokemon so it was nice to collect them early. I also finally caught a Gastly. Gengar has always been one of my favorites so I hope to have him in my party one day. Technically I already had a Cloyster, but I had evolved my shiny Shelder to make a shiny Cloyster. You can see the list of new Pokemon below…

I was also able to hold down a few gyms for a little while this week. Even as I write this my Vaporeon is helping to hold a gym in town earning me some valuable coins! Usually I am able to drop him off at a gym in the morning after dropping my daughter at school. Then when I pick my daughter up from school I am able to leave him some berries to keep him (and any ally pokemon) going a little longer.

Beyond that I was also able to reach level 25! I know that each time you level up it is harder to reach the next level, but this most recent level up felt like it took an eternity! That’s why it is so important to make sure to complete research because that usually give you the xp boost you need to make the meaningful progress! Stay tuned for more updates and adventures!

Borderlands 3 Solo Mayhem 2

I got another chance to play some Borderlands 3. The creators did such a good job making this game so easy to get started and up to speed quickly. As fun as side quests are you can tell extra care goes into the main story line of this game.

I began this video finishing off a couple side quests and eventually got back to the main quest. My quest was to locate a vault map that the cult (the bad guys) had taken from Lilith. The quest begins with an ascent up a hill filled with cultists and tinks. At the top of the hill is a turret.

I fought my way up and was able to use my special to immobilize the turret and dispatch it without too much trouble. After that I ran into a loot tink that exploded with gear when I finished him off. I grabbed what I could and continued on.

I made my way through a winding building. Along the way there were large speakers set up at choke points. When you got close enough they would resound with a sound so loud it would damage you if you were close enough. Foreshadowing…

After a couple more choke points like that I eventually arrived at an open area that resembled a dance floor. Around the edges of the area were more of these large speakers. As I entered the area a boss jumped out and challenged me to a fight. Mouthpiece was his name sonic booms were his game.

For this fight I had to battle through tinks to attack MouthPiece. All the while I had to dodge (often unsuccessfully) the sonic booms coming from the speakers around the edges of the battle area. I went down a couple times, but that’s to the tinks wandering around I was able to revive with a second wind kill.

I struggled a little, but was finally able to defeat MouthPiece. I recovered the vault map. I Killed another loot tink that exploded into a volcano of loot and finally made my way back to base. Once I arrived I returned the vault map to Lilith and called it a day.

I have found the visuals in this game to be quite colorful and impressive. Between the resounding sonic booms and the diverse weapons it is a light show where ever you go!

PUBG Mobile #2 Third Chicken Dinner!

My last PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds (Mobile) post was about how in likely it was for me to get two chicken dinners in a row. This is especially considering they were my first two games! I have to wonder if it is luck or the way the platform plays differently than the console or the PC.

I am pleased to report that my third game was yet another Chicken Dinner! I didn’t rack up as high of a kill count as my last game (Only six kills this time around). I also didn’t encounter as many other players as my last game. The AK was again a staple of this match just like the last match. On the back half of the game I secured an air drop and its contents without any resistance. It was not as impressive as I was expecting, but exciting nonetheless.

Took out the last player while he tried to escape the Blue!

I posted up in the center of the circle near the end of the game and as luck would have it the circle continued to close while I was still within it. It came down to the final three and I heard the other two fighting each other in the distance. I turned my attention in that direction and waited for the other player to come my way when the circle began to shrink again. Sure enough they came running toward me without realizing I was right in front of them. I gunned them down and that meant my third Chicken Dinner in a row! Also, only my third PUBG Mobile match ever.

Got a bad heal rating… But I didn’t need to heal!

I was recently able to figure out a way to record me playing. So, my hope is to record my next match so I can share it with you!

PUBG Mobile

I first heard about Player Unknowns BattleGrounds from a friend. He suggested I check it out but didn’t really consider it at first because the other battle royal game I tried (fort nite) I did not like. I watch a group called Viva La Dirt League on YouTube. They have a sketch channel devoted to PUBG and I bing watched all of it. I even watched one of them stream before I decided I would give it a try.

So I purchased the game for PS4 and gave it a try. I played a few games before I had my first solo chicken dinner! Even after that I had a hard time getting into it at first, but now I look forward to playing. I wouldn’t describe myself as an amazing player by any means but I enjoy the challenge.

My first mobile chicken dinner!

About that same time I also discovered PUBG Mobile. I downloaded it onto my tablet. I jumped into a quick match accidentally joined a team battle royale. After fumbling with the controls for a minute I teamed up with one of my squad mates. Before long we got separated and met up again at the end of the match. Our squad won and I got my first mobile chicken dinner!

Then today I had a minute and I decided to try a solo match. Early on I had a few close encounters in buildings but my shotgun made short work of them. One of the enemies I encountered had an AK with 4X scope so I snagged that and it was my staple for the duration of the match.

As the numbers dwindled to the final four I was stuck in the middle of a fire fight but somehow came out on top. Finally, the last player made a dash for an air drop and when he stopped to loot it I got him at a distance. With that I had my second Mobile Chicken Dinner and it was only my second game…

Solo Mobile Chicken Dinner!

That raises questions about my victories… Are my back to back victories flukes? Perhaps I’m playing with brand new players who are as familiar with the game. Maybe those same new players are having a harder time acclimating to the platforms controls? Maybe it’s a little bit of all of that? Either way two victories in my first two games feels good!

Borderlands 3: Solo Mayhem!

There are some games I play on my own without my friends and Borderlands 3 is not usually one of those games. I don’t get to play online as much as they do so I have to try to keep up with their progress for when we play together. So, I’ve decided to play some Borderlands 3 by myself to help me level and gear up for when I can play with them finally.

In this gameplay video I decided to do some side quests in order to work on my level and my gear. In case you don’t know I’ve decided to go the way of the Siren. Spellcaster types are usually the characters that I lean toward. I like being able to do obscene amounts of damage to enemies in fanciful or spectacular ways. The siren’s ability to do elemental damage and to spread that damage to other enemies highly appeals to me.

I had plenty of fun driving around and encountering some colorful quests. Chief among my completed quests was to find an enemy leader (Dump Truck I believe was his name) and kill him. A secondary objective in that quest was to shoot him in the butthole before I killed him. That is exactly the kind of off color/dark humor that makes borderlands so unique and fun.

Under normal circumstances I get a short opportunity some days while my daughters are taking a nap to play a little bit of games. Lately at least one of my daughters have not been napping and before long I am joined by them asking me questions about what I am doing. They don’t really care too much what I’m currently playing and usually request that I do something else instead. They need their rest and I need my quiet time too!

PUBG Ed. 10

I’ve been on a bad streak lately. I haven’t been able to get under the top 30 or 40 in the last several days. Because of that I tried to leave behind any preconceived ideas about how my next matches would go. Things have gotten a little better and I think I have a couple theories why that is.

Let me share about how the matches you’ll see in the video below progressed. The first match had a typical embarrassing death… I had a kill lined up that I thought I could close and then ended up hiding in a corner while the enemy closed in. I’m still working on the aiming in this game. They got me with what appeared like a glitch where I heard their character firing their weapon but there was no animation to accompany it. It just look like they were running and I took damage from nowhere.

The second game however I had good strategy and a bit of luck to carry me to be #3 for the game. I started out rough with enemies all around and no weapon to defend myself. I was able to elude other players and eventually acquire a couple decent weapons. Then I used a vehicle to position myself near the center of the circle. From here I was able to hide out for quite a while. The circle eventually closed in enough that I had to move up, but my position allowed me to kill a player and land myself in the #3 spot. I tried my hand at taking out another player after that, but I choked when it came to drawing my pistol…

You can watch the full video here of my game play.

I felt good about how I did in the second game… There were two major things (besides a bit of luck) that I think contributed to me doing better. First, I wasn’t streaming. Sometimes the internet can keep up, but lately I think it has been messing with my latency and causing me to be even slower in encounters with other players. In the second game I had stopped live streaming and I could tell the gameplay difference. The next couple matches will not be live to test my theory.

Second, I tried to stick to my strategy that seems to work well for me. After acquiring some decent equipment I try to position myself early on as close to the center of the circle as possible. I’ve noticed that my chances of survival greatly increase the less time I spend near the edge of the circle. Most players are spending time looting and trying to beat the circle or hunt players trying to beat the circles progress. I try to avoid being among those players by setting myself up early.

It is hard to deny that my position was a good one, but I also had a bit of luck in that last game. No other players decided to make their way toward shoreline that was behind me. As a result I didn’t have to battle other players for my early spot. The other way I got lucky is that until nearly the end of the game I didn’t have to move much at all. Every time the circle shrunk I found myself within it. That saved me from having to make risky moves to close within the circle.

So, call it luck or call it skill. I’m still satisfied with how my most recent gameplay of PUBG went!

Pokémon GO! #3 A typical Monday

The weekend is a great time to relax or catch up on projects. We all look forward to the weekend each week and are sad to see it go when the new work week eventually rears it’s ugly head. Everyone has their routine. My family and I are no different. Our routine revolves around getting our daughters to school.

Two of my daughters are just old enough to go to school now. On the route we take to drop off my oldest daughter to school there is a gym that wife and I take turns taking every morning (I’m team Mystic while she is team Valor). Unless there is a raid going on and the two of us are enough to take it by ourselves we will do that instead. This morning we were able to take the gym down together and wife put up her Blastoise to hold the fort down.

Just finished off the gym!
Maybe not super rare, but he’s still new!

We don’t usually have but a couple minutes before we have to drop my next oldest daughter off at her school. Luckily the school has three pokestops and a gym near by. So that’s a nice way to stock up while also being responsible. At the very least it keeps us progressing at least a little bit each day.

Unlike most mornings this morning we also stopped at the grocery store so we were also able to catch a few Pokémon along the way. I was able to catch a new Pokémon too. It was a productive morning!

Pokémon GO! #2: A trip to the Park

Most days I only get an opportunity to play Pokémon Go, but I do my best to at least log on spin a pokestop when I drop my daughters off at school. Maybe while I’m spinning the pokestop I’ll see a Pokémon to catch. Every once in a while the family goes out to spend time together and we will get a chance to have a Pokémon GO adventure!

It’s not often my wife and I get a day off from work on the same day but today was one of those days. So we decided to have a family day. As a part of that family day we took our three girls to the park to play. My parents also met us there to play with the girls. In between watching and playing with the girls my wife and I spun some pokestops and caught some Pokémon.

The Park was a Pokestop Playground!
I caught enough Liliipups to evolve my strongest one while we were spending time together at the park
I can’t wait to be able to evolve him into Charizard!

The park we were at has four pokestops that are close to each other. At any point you can spin at least three of them at a time. So I dropped a lure module into the nearest pokestop and had a field day. Almost immediately I fought a team rocket grunt at one of the pokestops and was able to free a Charmander. I caught the Charmander and purified him. Because of the perks of a purified Pokémon I was able to evolve him into a Charmeleon.

After that I caught quite a haul of Pokémon not all of them were necessarily exciting. I caught at least 40 Pokémon today. Only one of them was new, Scyther. I also caught enough Lillipups to be able to evolve him into a Herdier. I spun so many pokestops that my inventory eventually became full.

On the way out of the park we drove past a gym with a one star raid going on. So wife and I stopped and beat it together easily. It was only a 3000CP Lillipup defending. From there the family moved on to the grocery store where we found even more Pokémon than at the park!

Wife and I getting ready for the raid!
Going to the grocery store always has a bunch of Pokemon to catch!

At one point I was holding both mine and wife’s phones in one hand and alternating between phones catching Pokémon for both of us. It was a great haul for both of us and it was a needed venture because we had so many poke balls we couldn’t carry anymore when he began. After that we had decided that we had enough Pokémon GO for the day.

All in all it was a very fun, busy and fulfilling day for both of our Pokémon GO accounts. Days like this can be a really fun adventure.

PUBG Ed. 9

PUBG has not quite been going my way lately, but I try to keep a good attitude because I’m still learning. Even if I throw a fit in the moment it doesn’t mean I’m not having fun (except for the last death in this video I feel like I should have got that one).

I had a few short games where I was unable to do any meaningful damage to anyone or make any meaningful progress toward a chicken dinner. A little over half way through the stream I hear my oldest daughter (5yrs) sneaking out of her bedroom trying to avoid her nap. Eventually she slinks her way over to me and begins to watch me play.

She chats me up about what I’m playing and about the games she has watched me play before. The last game I play with her commentary I end up getting two kills. That is more than all the other games that day combined. Eventually I hear my youngest daughter crying so it’s time to call it a day, but it was refreshing to have a partner to my usually quiet games (besides my outbursts when I die).

In the last game I’m able to get a couple kills, but when I try to get my third from afar that other player is somehow able to spot me and shoot me through cover before I can get them first. Oh well, at least I had fun chatting with my daughter while I played.