PUBG Ed. 6

After my last rather embarrassing installment of PUBG solo I found this go around to be a calm experience. I didn’t get my chicken dinner but I was still satisfied that I did the best I could. In the first game I didn’t get any kills but I survived to the final 20. At oneContinue reading “PUBG Ed. 6”

Borderlands 3: First Mayhem

Some of us are all about purchasing the newest games right when they come out. Typically that is not me. I lack the resources in time and money for that to be a regular occurrence. Having said that there are times when some of my favorite franchises release games that I must simply have theContinue reading “Borderlands 3: First Mayhem”

Pokemon GO: The Beginning

I played Pokémon Red and Blue versions for the gameboy when they first released when I was a kid. I played these games over and over and collected all of the original Pokémon. So when they released Pokémon Go I was immediately addicted! The only thing that slowed me down was that at the timeContinue reading “Pokemon GO: The Beginning”

What I’m Playing

We all have a handful of games that we are desperately trying to make time for. For each of us that list of games varies even among a close group of friends. This post will be about what I’m playing right now… CONSOLE GAMES The console I primarily play is PS4. Given all of theContinue reading “What I’m Playing”