Live in the Moment

Where are you right now? I don’t mean your physical location. In your mind what are you focused on? Where are you headed? What are you thinking about? If you answered that you are anywhere but reading this post then you might struggle with being mindful of your present circumstances. You aren’t alone. I’m guilty of this often as well. There is so much going on in our busy lives that it is all but impossible to be present in any single experience…


By not being present in the moment you put yourself at risk in a few ways. In social situations you can seem distant or uninterested. This can lead to strained or even failed relationships. At work it can make your coworkers and bosses believe that you don’t care about your work. In learning environments it can keep you from absorbing as much information as possible. It can even cause you to miss out on important events/memories.

…if you are so focused on where you are headed you will miss out on the journey.”

It is important to remind yourself that today has enough of its own challenges for you to worry about tomorrow. You could also say that about the next hour or moment. I’m not saying that planning ahead is bad. What I am saying is that if you are so focused on where you are headed you will miss out on the journey. So, take a moment to stop and take in your surroundings every once in a while and appreciate where you are. Whether where you are is good or bad these experiences will inform the rest of your life. You don’t want to miss out on something important because you had already written off your current experience!

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Games are such a great way to connect people of all walks of life. I hope to put out positivity and encouragement to build relationships and to build others up! I like playing games! Pretty much anything tech or video game related is right up my alley.

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