My Journey to Stream

Do you hate your job? Do you dread going into work everyday? For many the answer to these questions are a resounding yes… I can’t say that I hate my job, but if I had the opportunity to do my dream job I would take it! As would anyone I believe. What is my dream job? Video games! I have been playing games for as long as I could remember. It is the one thing I could see myself doing as a job that I would have non-stop fun at the same time. It isn’t just playing video games that I enjoy (although it is my typical stress reliever and general hobby). Sharing the gaming experience with others is especially rewarding. I have always wished there was a way to combine my desire to share a gaming experience with others and to get paid for it along the way. The answer has been revealed in recent history… Streaming!

Sharing the stories from games with others is one of the best parts of gaming.

Now if you are like me your first response to the prospect of being a streamer by profession is one of disbelief. You probably think all kinds of negative thoughts like, “That’ll never happen”, Who would watch me”, “I would never make enough money” and the like. This was me for a long time. Someone very close to me eventually inspired me to have the courage to acknowledge my dream. Which was the first step on my journey.

I have the most amazing, beautiful, strong and smart wife in the entire world. I can make such a bold statement because I know it in my heart of hearts to be nothing but the truth. In the journey of our marriage my wife came to me and expressed an interest in body piercing because a friend offered to have her as an apprentice. I had just started a job that could cover the majority of bills and expenses so I thought what is the harm in her trying it out? While it didn’t make much money at first that didn’t matter because my wife had fallen in love with body piercing… She found her dream job.

After seeing her so happy at her career was the first time that I really allowed myself to consider the possibility of pursuing my own dreams

I admired her for having the courage to tell me that this was her dream job. Regardless of pay this was the job she wanted to do. It didn’t matter the pay she loved it! I was amazed and so proud of her. I was also happy my job gave her the opportunity to pursue her dream. I thought, “At least one of us can have our dream job.” And I would do anything to let her continue to pursue her career in body piercing.

After seeing her so happy at her career was the first time that I really allowed myself to consider the possibility of pursuing my own dreams. One night while we were enjoying some chicken wings for our weekly date night I told her how I didn’t want to do my current job forever. If I had the chance I would be a streamer… I held my breath expecting her to turn and throw her head back in hysterical laughter. She didn’t laugh. She gently smiled and said, “Then you should be a streamer.” This was the moment that my journey began.

Some time passed before I allowed myself to really own the dream. I had the support of my amazing wife, but I was afraid of all the possible outcomes. So I did a few half-hearted streams, but wasn’t really committing fully to the dream. After I talked to my sister about it she gave me and extra push. She has always been my biggest hype (wo)man. She gave me advice and every step of the way was excited for me. It is hard not to feel like I can do anything when she is on my side of the ring. Around this same time I had also begun to see a counselor to deal with some darkness in my life that I had never addressed. Though that experience I have gained the self-worth and positivity that I needed to fully commit to the dream.

My first regular stream is following the story of Red Dead Redemption 2

From the time I am writing this, it was about a month ago that I have begun to stream on a regular basis. Once I started to stream in earnest I wasn’t afraid anymore. In fact, I am excited to stream. I love it! I can’t wait for each week that I can do it again.

Now I don’t have the luxury to just up and quit my job anytime soon. That’s ok. The bills still need to be paid after all. One day I plan to get to the point that streaming will be my full time job. Until then I plan to stay positive and enjoy the ride. This is just the beginning of the journey. It will be an interesting journey, but I am excited for every step.

Stay tuned on this blog thread as I update you on my journey to become a full time streamer. Please feel free to stop by and watch me do my thing on my twitch channel! Who knows what else the future has in store!

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Games are such a great way to connect people of all walks of life. I hope to put out positivity and encouragement to build relationships and to build others up! I like playing games! Pretty much anything tech or video game related is right up my alley.

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