Total War: Three Kingdoms Sun Jian Campaign #2

When I play strategy games I tend to dwell and over analyze so these kinds of game usually take me some time to make any meaningful progress. It is not that I’m not good at strategy games it is more that I obsess because for strategy games feel like they are real life to me. As a result, I want to make the right decisions and I spend too much time dwelling on every little decision. I say all of this because my goal in this game is to keep from dwelling too long and try to progress more quickly…

In our last campaign post I had a struggle with Liu Biao and now that I was able to gain peace it is time to turn my attention toward the Han territories that surround my land. Sun Jian’s army began this post in Badong (Lumber Yard). From here I marched him toward Changsha (Trade Port). The reason for this is because I plan on making this campaign a heavily military focused one. In order to do that I need armies to command and to have armies you need money!

It is several turns march from Badong to Changsha, but that is beneficial because the army needed some time to replenish its numbers. As I approach the army occupying that territory abandons it… After that it is just a quick delegation victory. Then I decide to attack the fleeing army. I chose to lead this battle myself. The battle doesn’t last long they have a small force and most of their troops are destroyed by my archers before they even reach my lines.

Now that I have a trade port I look for a new trade partner. None of the warlords around me are viable trade partner options. I finally find a trade partner in Cao Cao. I don’t really want to give one of my biggest rivals more cash, but as I said I need money if I am going to raise more armies.

From there I set my sights farther east to Poyang (Iron Mine). Again the cash I will get from the industry at the iron mine will be helpful. After a couple turns march I arrive and a siege battle ensues. I lead this battle personally. Normally I’m not very good at siege battles (maybe I should invest in some trebuchets…), but this battle goes fairly well. They don’t have any ranged units so I use my fire arrows to destroy any towers in range of my approaching army. Once the towers are destroyed the enemy army abandons their fortifications and attacks my army. They are filing out of the “gates” in a bottleneck and I surround their forces. After that it is only a matter of time before they retreat and the battle is mine.

If you watch the video of my gameplay you will see that my income doesn’t seem to grow very much. That is because as my income is growing I’m also building another army that will be led by Sun Jian’s heir Sun Ce. This army is based at the center of my land at Jiangxia (City) so that I can send it whatever way I finally decide to conquer next. I also base it at the center so that I can respond to an invasion if someone foolishly decides they want to start a war!

I’m finding that I am really enjoying playing without over thinking my decisions. It is allowing me not to worry so much about making a bad decision. Even if I make a “mistake” I have to know that I’ll be able to fix it without it being the end of the world!

You can watch the entire gameplay video above or on YouTube at Also, If you don’t already follow me on Twitch you should seriously consider it! I Live stream all of my Total War: Three Kingdoms gameplay. So, you have the opportunity to help me lead my armies to victory if you tune in when I’m playing! I look forward to seeing you all online.

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One thought on “Total War: Three Kingdoms Sun Jian Campaign #2

  1. In strategy games like Total War half the fun is overanalyzing and immersing yourself in the culture of the game. 🙂 Enjoyed this post, keep them coming!


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