Pokémon Go! #8 Visiting Family in Illinois

The last couple updates centered on visits to beach towns in Michigan. Normally we don’t travel so much but it has been a busy month! This week we stayed at my sisters in Illinois. We celebrated three people’s birthdays (including our daughter turning two). It just also so happened to be the beginning of the Halloween Pokémon go event. That means ghost Pokémon galore!

Through out this week I was actually able to complete a few accomplishments and I even evolved a Ghastly into a Haunter! That is excited for me because the original three ghost Pokémon are among my very favorite! Gengar was often a staple of any party when I played the original Red Version… This week wife and I also beat a raid and were each able to catch a Machamp! I even found a shiney Swablu.

From where we live our trip to my sisters house is about a three hour drive. Before we left we stopped to get breakfast for everyone and there just so happened to be a gym nearby. We stopped to get the spin and to let wife beat the gym.

We finally got on the road and we caught a couple Pokémon here and there whenever we had to stop along the way. After we finally arrived I had to run a couple errands for the party and this is where I caught quite a few ghost type Pokémon. I took full advantage of the double candies during the Halloween event by using Pinap berries to bring in 12 candies for each Pokémon I caught! A couple of the ghost Pokémon were ready to evolve before long thanks to the extra candies.

After the birthday celebration had died down we relaxed for a short time and then finally turned in for the night. Sleep did not come easily because I was sleeping on a sleeping bag on the floor. Around 3am I woke up and decided to check the game… I found a Pikachu dressed up in his Halloween costume and was able to catch him. I was finally able to go back to bed. When we all finally awoke we packed up and said goodbye to my sister and her family. Wife doned her Pokemon socks and from here we went to visit my younger sister for breakfast. After that an adventure to a pumpkin farm.

There were not any Pokestops at the farm or near by so I didn’t get a chance to catch much as my Pokeball supply was already pretty low… We did have a good time taking photos, picking pumpkins and enjoying each others company. The girls were amazed at how big the pumpkins were compared to themselves. Before we called it a day we stopped by the bakery that was at the farm and enjoyed some apple donuts and coffee. The girls appreciated the sweets and as they started to get sassy it was obvious that it was time to go. The girls had enough and needed to rest.

We said goodbye to my sister and my mum (she had also come along for the journey) and set off for home! We were all exhausted, but thanks to an energy drink I was able to power through the majority of our drive home. Everyone woke up around Mishawaka, IN and we decided it would be a good time to get out and stretch our legs. Mishawaka is the home of the University Park Mall. This is were my wife and I had met for our first date and we were surprised at how much the mall had changed since we met here many years ago. We didn’t buy much, but we did have fun exploring.

There weren’t many Pokestops, but there were enough to catch some more ghost type Pokemon. I found a ghastly hanging out by his Pokemon cousins at the Build-A-Bear store. It was thanks to this Ghastly that I was able to evolve my Haunter to a Gengar in such a short time! The double candy really has been advancing my progress with a few Pokemon very quickly. After a little while of exploring we decided it was time to get back on the road. We all packed up and set out for the last leg of our trip. My middle daughter was doing the stereotypical “Are we there yet?” line the rest of the way home. We finally made it home safe and did our best to settle in after a busy weekend.

It would have been nice to go on a more dedicated PokemonGO! adventure, but it was great to be able to spend time with family. I’m not sure we will have any trips like we have the last few weeks any time soon. That won’t stop us from having PokemonGo! adventures around town when we can!

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