Pokémon Go! #7 Weekend Trip to Montague, MI

Our family doesn’t often get an opportunity to go on family trips, but this month seems like it is going to be a busy month for trips… Last week we visited South Haven, MI. This week we were invited to spend the weekend in Montague, MI. Montague is a beach town like South Haven, but it is set back from Lake Michigan off of White Lake. It still has a small town feel, which makes it more inviting and less inundated by tourists.

During our visit we were able to enjoy the towns annual Pumpkin Festival. Along the way we also hit up some Pokéstops and gyms. The weather had turned very cold and windy even for an October day. Our daughters all entered a pumpkin into the “pumpkin roll” and browsed a few shops along “downtown” Montague. This didn’t last long before it was just too cold for our daughters. Unfortunately, I wasn’t available during this time so I don’t have Pokémon Go news to report yet.

Everyone came back to the house, but before long the girls became restless again. So, we made a trip to a local park. Luckily, there was a pokestop near by. The girls got to play and we were able to catch a few Pokémon while the girls had fun. It was here that I caught a Trapinch. I caught two more but I was not able to secure a shiny Trapinch during Trapinch Community Day…

Before long the cold wore us down again and we decided it would be a good idea to explore and find a bite to eat. We ate and then drove around seeing the sights. We went down the main street and we saw some shops and we also saw The World’s Largest Weather Vain. Before we settled in for the night we also took the girls to explore a local Walmart so they could stretch their legs without freezing! It was here that I caught a shiny Torchic!

The next morning before leaving town we tried to drop off a few Pokemon at some gyms and spin a few last minute Pokestops. Below I will list all of the Pokemon I caught. On the way home we stopped at Grand Rapids, MI. Here we got some food and we went through the mall. We browsed some shops and let the girls run around a little bit to break up the long drive home. There were a group of Pokestops at the center of the mall we spun at and caught a few Pokemon. After that we made our way the rest of the way home.

The weather played a big role in the content of this trip. While the cold held us back we didn’t let that stop us from having fun! Tune in every week for a Pokemon Go! update. If instead we go on a trip I will include a trip report!

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