PUBG Mobile #2 Third Chicken Dinner!

My last PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds (Mobile) post was about how in likely it was for me to get two chicken dinners in a row. This is especially considering they were my first two games! I have to wonder if it is luck or the way the platform plays differently than the console or the PC.

I am pleased to report that my third game was yet another Chicken Dinner! I didn’t rack up as high of a kill count as my last game (Only six kills this time around). I also didn’t encounter as many other players as my last game. The AK was again a staple of this match just like the last match. On the back half of the game I secured an air drop and its contents without any resistance. It was not as impressive as I was expecting, but exciting nonetheless.

Took out the last player while he tried to escape the Blue!

I posted up in the center of the circle near the end of the game and as luck would have it the circle continued to close while I was still within it. It came down to the final three and I heard the other two fighting each other in the distance. I turned my attention in that direction and waited for the other player to come my way when the circle began to shrink again. Sure enough they came running toward me without realizing I was right in front of them. I gunned them down and that meant my third Chicken Dinner in a row! Also, only my third PUBG Mobile match ever.

Got a bad heal rating… But I didn’t need to heal!

I was recently able to figure out a way to record me playing. So, my hope is to record my next match so I can share it with you!

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