PUBG Ed. 9

PUBG has not quite been going my way lately, but I try to keep a good attitude because I’m still learning. Even if I throw a fit in the moment it doesn’t mean I’m not having fun (except for the last death in this video I feel like I should have got that one).

I had a few short games where I was unable to do any meaningful damage to anyone or make any meaningful progress toward a chicken dinner. A little over half way through the stream I hear my oldest daughter (5yrs) sneaking out of her bedroom trying to avoid her nap. Eventually she slinks her way over to me and begins to watch me play.

She chats me up about what I’m playing and about the games she has watched me play before. The last game I play with her commentary I end up getting two kills. That is more than all the other games that day combined. Eventually I hear my youngest daughter crying so it’s time to call it a day, but it was refreshing to have a partner to my usually quiet games (besides my outbursts when I die).

In the last game I’m able to get a couple kills, but when I try to get my third from afar that other player is somehow able to spot me and shoot me through cover before I can get them first. Oh well, at least I had fun chatting with my daughter while I played.

Published by bloodmanchar

Games are such a great way to connect people of all walks of life. I hope to put out positivity and encouragement to build relationships and to build others up! I like playing games! Pretty much anything tech or video game related is right up my alley.

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