PUBG Ed. 5

We all have rough days at gaming and the two games I played in the Fifth Episode of PUBG solo really tried and broke my patience…

My first game ended quickly because of an issue with my understanding of how prone position and aiming works. That’s annoying but I quickly start a new game…

The prone position in this game when playing third person is frustrating. If you move even a little bit while trying to aim your gun won’t fire. This is different from other games where when you aim while prone your character won’t move. I’m used to the latter so when trying to position for a shot it takes extra time to line up your shot.

Those few seconds cost me the game… I saw a player come up behind me by the time I switched from my sniper to my UMP 45 and tried aiming he had killed me… This set me into a fit and I rage quit… Especially frustrating when I was doing so well to that point. Ended at #11 but it felt shallow because I thought I should have done better…

Time to take a break from PUBG for today. I need to cool off!

Published by bloodmanchar

Games are such a great way to connect people of all walks of life. I hope to put out positivity and encouragement to build relationships and to build others up! I like playing games! Pretty much anything tech or video game related is right up my alley.

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